Rontu is a character in Island of the Blue Dolphins. He is present in both the novel and the film adaptation.

Biography Edit

Rontu is a dog who lives on the island along with Karana and her little brother Ramo. His pack kills Ramo, driving Karana on a quest for revenge. Karana finds the pack and kills several of them, but then has a change of heart when she meets the leader (him). She adopts him and gives him his name, which means "Fox Eyes" in her people's language.

Rontu sticks by Karana from that point forward, even saving her from other dogs. She, in turn, grows fond of him, and panics when he is nowhere to be seen. Eventually, he passes away, and she finds another dog, possibly his son, and names him "Rontu-Aru", meaning "Son of Rontu".

Personality Edit

Rontu is stoic, fearsome and daring. He also is loyal and affectionate to Karana. He initially leads his pack with a force of will akin to that of a military officer. Being the alpha, he most definitely has been in numerous fights, and this made him stronger. He also seems to forgive Karana for killing most of his pack, which he viewed as his family.